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The leading global engineering companyM&P Group, spotlight on advanced 'remediation solution'
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The leading global engineering company

M&P Group, spotlight on advanced 'remediation solution'


Environment · Construction · Infrastructure · Real Estate · Paper
The M&P Group is one of the leading German engineering companies in the range of environment, construction, infrastructure. real estate and paper industry.

Due to the bundling of competences in a wide spectrum of business areas company is able to implement services of different complexity and dimensions in the fields of consulting, project management and engineering surely and successful. Whether in the areas of environment, construction, infrastructure, real estate and paper industry ? their highly qualified interdisciplinary team reacts flexibly, purposefully and with a lot of engagement to today’s challenges.
"According to our business philosophy, we give the development of resource-saving and effective solutions for your problem top priority in order that also future generations can dispose freely of our environment," the company said.

The company's services include retreating working, site remediation and site development, services concerning contaminated sites including military contaminated sites, water, climate protection, general environmental counselling, environmental information systems.

More than 25 Years of Engineering Expertise
M&P is since more than 20 years a guarantor for client-specific services and efficient solutions. M&P is Europe-wide a successful partner for the industry, the construction and building trade as well as of all levels of the public authorities.

M&P offer you a modern, future-oriented project settlement where the required multidisciplinary knowledge is included. 200 employees from different business fields face up to the demands and questions of our clients in purposeful teams. With experiences company makes an important risk engineering, scientifically founded and ecologically oriented contribution to the added value of your targets and results in consideration of corresponding ecological demands. Mutual understanding and reliance are the foundation of a mutual project success.

That is also why M&P realizes consequently a quality management which meets the requirements of the international standards in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9ßßßff and DIN EN ISO/IEC17025:2000. "We make sure that our employees take part continuously in further trainings concerning their area of expertise. Against the background of steadily changing demands we can offer you that way everytime optimal quality and efficient service," the company said.

Site remediation and development
M&P becomes more aware of the increasing decommissioning of former industrially or commercially used sites in our cities and boroughs in economically moved times. Often such sites remain unused for years despite of an attractive location and good infrastructural connection. In order to offer the investor of such a site planning and cost security and guarantee a sustainable and ecological treatment of the location, M&P provides comprehensive services in the frame of the site development.

1. Example former chemical factory 'Dupont' in Cologne
The territory of the former. DuPont Plant 7 is located in the southern city centre of Cologne. The entire complex comprises approx. 5.2 ha. On the territory historical generations of use since 1877 are documented amongst others as smoke black factory, pitch barrack, asphalt factory, excavation and last until the closing as chemistry and lacquer factory. The last preserved building generation served the production, distribution, research and the administration of the chemistry and lacquer factory.

The use on this location has been abandoned finally in 2006. The territory became property of a private investor. The preparation of land for building concerning this territory is based on a remediation plan validated by the City of Cologne according to the German Federal Soil Protection Act and Ordinance. After site preparation the territory will be used for domestic and industrial utilisation.

At the time of utilisation approx. 40 buildings existed with a building volume of approx. 160,000 m³ as well as additional underground bunker on the territory, which have been completely reconstructed within the range of the site preparation. A rubble clearance also took place. On the territory were approx. 300 tanks, which have been removed in proper form after closure. The extensive soil remediation works took place related to the remediation zones and comprised the excavation of approx. 170,000 t axcavation material, which has been decontaminated.

The soil remediation works will be soon finished. Further a local groundwater contamination via combined pump & treat measures with sparging effect could be remediated.
General processing

Historical inquiry → Soil, soil-air, groundwater investigations, Construction investigations, Assessment on the results for specific reuse → Remediation and Deconstruction concepts(subject to protect human health, groundwater) → Requests for administrational licence / permit → (deconstruction and remediation) Licence for deconstruction, licence for remediation under administrational sanctions / charges → Execution under control of the administrations, proof for remediation and documentation → Licence for specific reuse in case of remediation success → Commercialization

Contamination status
Problem: Site is registered as 'contaminated site" in the offical land cataster
Consequence: No reuse as housing area is possible
Objective: Release of official land cataster for contaminated sites after clean up according to remediation plan approved by City of Cologne

Deconstruction and Remediation
Controlled /ordered deconstruction of the buildings
- decontamination (about 70.000 tons building rubble)
- separation of contaminated devices
- safety and health protection, employment protection
- dismantling of tank-galeries
- chemical proofs
- waste management (chemical classification, grade…)

Soil and soil-air remediation (approx. 150,000 tons contaminated soil)
- chemical proofs for identification and declaration
- "working in contaminated areas"; specific safety & health protection
- waste management (chemical classification, grade…)

Groundwater remediation (BTEX) and covering (PAHs)
- chemical proofs for identification and declaration

Groundwater monitoring (chemical proofs considering flow direction)
- time schedule: during and after execution stage (about 30 months)

Execution - Status 2009
-Proof for successful remediation
-Documentation of deconstruction, executed remediation measures and waste management
-Commitment of the administration for reuse (habitation, healthy human living) and registration of the site in the official land cataster as "remediated", prerequisite for utilization as residential area is given
-Commercialization is taking place currently

2. Example Deconstruction on the former Bl?cher barracks in Hemer
The City of Hemer is planning to carry out the National Garden Show 2010 on the reuse area of the Bl?cher barracks. For this purpose, numerous buildings had to be deconstructed previously and undeveloped areas had to be unsealed. The deconstructed building volume amounts to approx. 130.000 m³.

After a selection procedure, M&P has been entrusted in November 2007 by the LandesgartenschauHemer 2010 GmbH with the development of adeconstruction and recovery concept, the services for participation in the awarding of contract s and the expert supervision and construction management during the deconstruction works.
Within the frame of the project, the following services have been performed by M&P:

Development of a deconstruction and recovery concept
Development of a building register
Development of an asbestos quantity survey
Taking of construction material and material samples and their chemical analysis as well as the evaluation with
regard to waste disposal technology
Preparation of the bidding documents for the deconstruction works
Analysis of the tenders and preparation of a recommendation for the award of contract
Professional supervision of the deconstruction works
Construction management
Coordination according to BGR 128 (rules and regulations of the employers' liability insurance association) and
TRGS 519 (technical regulations for hazardous materials)
Participation in reuse concept due to building ground evaluation
Accompanying planning services and expert supervision for the completion of the foundations for the
development of a large parking site

3. Example Revitalisation Planning and Supervision of Former Barrack Terrain Caernarvon Barracks
The Caernarvon Barracks are former British barracks in Dusseldorf with an area of 24,3 ha.Onto the area 60 buildings were located with a converted space of 210,000 m³. As a result of a planned site use by the Flughafen Dusseldorf Immobilien GmbH, revitalisation, land reclamation and disposal measures were necessary.

M&P was assigned to develop a revitalisation and disposal concept as well as to carry out the principal construction management, cost controlling, expert monitoring and to prepare the documentation of the total revitalisation measure which was time-phased from March 2003 until August 2006.


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