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Aqua consult - We are standby to solve all wastewater
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Business Organization

Aqua consult - We are standby to solve all wastewater

▲ Managing Director Peter Hartwig
The aqua consult Ingenieur GmbH is an independent consulting and engineering company in the field of environmental protection. Following we would like to give firstly some general informations about our activities, following we describe our activities in the field of industrial wastewater.

From the last 30 years of our activity we have over 800 references worldwide from water supply, sewerage system, industrial and municipal waste water, solid waste and waste air projects.
The main office of aqua consult is in Hannover/German with branches, subsidiaries or representatives in Germany in Erfurt, Bremen, in Tartu/ Estonia, Antalya/ Turkey, Amman/ Jordan, Dubai/ U.A.E., Bahrain, Beijing and Shaoxing/ China.

At time we have a staff of about 100 qualified people in the whole aqua consult group and around 50 in the head company in Hanover/ Germany.
In the field of waste water treatment plants we are specialized in design, management, realization and operation of complete waste water systems including transportation and treatment. Also with the enlargement of existing plants under running operation conditions we have a wide range of experiences.

The range of our projects comprises the municipal waste water treatment with advanced treatment (biological phosphate and nitrogen elimination, filtration, disinfection, reuse, operation control systems partial with support by remote control and simulation models) for medium-sized and big cities (e. g. Athens/ Greece, 4 Mio. PE; Hannover, Germany, 1.5 Mio. PE) and compact plants (e.g. aqua compact in Colakli, 30,000 PE, near Antalya/ Turkey and Pafos/ Cyprus, 55,000 PE, with complete water reuse) as well as small treatment plants (500 PE). Aqua consult has totally references from more than 200 municipal waste water treatment plant projects.

▲ WWTP Athens/ Greece, 4.5 Mio. PE
Some of our references for engineering work in the field of municipal wastewater treatment are given in the following tables:

In the field of industrial waste water treatment we have experiences from over 600 projects in nearly all available technologies up to a 100 % closed water cycles with complete reuse, for example realized for a fibre board production site in Switzerland.

In several applications it is helpful to install complete closed solutions or to install solutions, which will not be identified as wastewater treatment plants by the public. This following building is an inercity anaerobic wastewater treatment plant. Our specialized technical staff has fundamental experiences how to start up operation and how to run waste water treatment plants including training of local staff.

Besides the conventional aerobic/ anaerobic biological systems and physical-chemical tech-nologies we have in view to the State-of-Science Technology, experiences and realized pro-jects for

■ municipal waste water treatment:
 - advanced biological nitrogen and phosphorus removal with lowest running costs
 - cascade systems for highest efficiency
 - technological solutions for extreme climates (hot, cold)
 - nitrogen-elimination in side streams
 - compact systems
 - application of membrane technology for highest
▲ Anaerobic Treatment of brewery wastewater (UASB), inner-city
effluent qualities
 - sludge treatment also with anaerobic stabilization and co-fermentation
 - sludge disintegration (= less sludge mass, higher biogas production)

industrial waste water treatment:
 - membrane technology, also for internal reuse of waste water (up to 100 % closed cycles)
 - compact aerobic plants for mixing, equalization and treatment
 - anaerobic treatment concepts with biogas production for high loaded organic waste water, also in low cost technology (projects in South America and Thailand)
 - special solutions for our clients
 - aerobic and anaerobic treatment plants both for direct discharge and as pretreatment plant

In several research projects, we are working together with the University of Hannover, Institute for Water Quality and Waste Management (ISAH). The director of this institute, Prof. Dr.-Ing.
K.-H. Rosenwinkel, is in the advisory council of our company and one of the founders of aqua consult. By this, we have direct access to all newest technologies.

These aqua compact plants are realized in several plants in Turkey and Greece. All operation results are available from these plants. For India several plants are currently in the planning phase.

For achieving a high quality of the effluent from the wastewater treatment plants and disinfection purposes aqua consult has integrated filter- and membrane systems in several municipal treatment plants. Even for high loaded industrial effluents we realized plants with a complete wastewater reuse.

For filtration systems, specific cloth-filtration systems have been applied with the advantages of low energy demand, low running costs and high operation stability in the case of higher amounts of suspended solids in the effluent.

Membrane technology has been used in many aqua consult projects. For a wastewater treatment plant in Berlin aqua consult has developed the concept for the membrane treatment of the effluent to get lowest effluent values (e.g. P < 0,05 mg/l, complete disinfection) for a quantity of 400,000 m3 per day. At time we are executing trials with ceramic membranes for the grey-water recycling in the Emirates. For industrial applications we use ceramic membranes for the sludge separation after anaerobic treatment plants and integrated membrane systems for the inplant recycling.

The usage of energy from the waste water is one specific subject of aqua consult? work. In some of our references we  realized complete energy-autakic  plants. For such aims the following technologies can be used:
  - Optimization of the aerobic stage to minimize the energy demand
  - Hydrolysis of the remaining sludge by temperature or pressure to get the organic content from the sludge into the liquid
  - Anaerobic treatment of the sludge
  - Gasification of the residues
  - Co-fermentation to use municipal or industrial organic

Due to a high degradation of organics in the anaerobic digester, the remaining sludge water from sludge dewatering contains high amounts of nitrogen (up to 3,000 mg/l). In the past this fact created operational problems in treatment of the sludge water as well high treatment costs which leads to a lower efficiency of the anaerobic process. Today biological systems are available to solve this problem of the nitrogen removal from those nitrogenous streams, and aqua consult developed together with the University of Han-nover a specific technology for this application (PANDA-process).

In several projects worked out by aqua consult the remaining sludge had a contamination by heavy metals or toxic organics, so specific solutions had to be found to dispose the solid waste in an environmental friendly but also most economic way. The sludge drying and immobilization of the dangerous components by using the remaining sludge for high temperature ceramics production is one of these ways, for example.

In view to the reuse of the residues from water treatment plants, aqua consult was responsibly involved in the design, planning, site-supervision, as well as start-up and operational control for several production sites (e.g. for refined compost which later is sold in super markets) using sludge and substrates from wastewater treatment plants, solid waste treatment residues and other sources.



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